mbark on an Identity Quest in Cyberpunk Seoul

Seoul, 2024 - Introducing WAME's new campaign, "Identity Quest in Cyberpunk Seoul."

Intersection of Future, Technology, and Identity

As the digital era evolves, we find ourselves exploring new forms of identity. We are excited to introduce a new campaign that leads this transformation and redefines our digital selves. "Identity Quest in Cyberpunk Seoul" offers participants a journey to discover their digital identity against the backdrop of a dystopian future Seoul.

World of Cyberpunk Seoul

This campaign sets the stage in a future Seoul, where the rapid advancement of AI technology has made many traditional jobs obsolete, creating a societal void. In this world, names have become relics of the past, and personal stories are lost amidst the digital noise.

The Secret Shop and Its Guide, Paige

In a twisted corner of this future, a mysterious shop run by Paige stands as a beacon for those seeking to rediscover themselves. Paige, shrouded in secrecy, promises a journey to self-discovery and the reclamation of one’s digital essence.

Campaign Goals

This campaign offers participants a gaming-like immersive experience, using WAME's cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to create personalized digital identities. Participants will follow a narrative that leads them to discover their unique identity and explore new experiences within the WAME ecosystem.

The Participant's Journey

  1. Encounter with Paige: Participants meet Paige, who prompts them to question their current digital existence.
  2. Interactive Dialogue: Through conversations and choices with Paige, participants shape their WAME.
  3. Challenges and Quizzes: Engaging tasks that test knowledge and wit, further defining their digital identities.
  4. Reclamation of Identity: Participants receive an NFT symbolizing their unique digital identity upon completing the quest.
  5. Continuation of Exploration: Participants are encouraged to continue exploring their identity within the WAME ecosystem.

This campaign merges technology with storytelling, offering participants an experience that educates about their digital selves and the role of blockchain and AI in personal data security and identity formation.

Teaser Video

We have also prepared a teaser video introducing this campaign. This video vividly portrays the world of "Cyberpunk Seoul" and previews the experiences participants can expect on this journey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxBdaPWAmwc

WAME is committed to helping participants discover and explore their unique digital identity in the digital world. "Identity Quest in Cyberpunk Seoul" will be the first step in this journey.

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