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WAME Privacy Policy

To secure your personal information, Blackhoods Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) complies with legislation including the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc." and the "Personal Information Protection Act." When applicable laws, government regulations, the business's terms and conditions, and internal policies change, the company may modify its personal information processing policy. In the event that this occurs, users will be notified via the company website.

1. Personal information collection agreementUsers must provide permission for the corporation to acquire their personal data. When a user picks and clicks the consent box for personal information collected during the membership registration process, they are deemed to have given their approval. The corporation has prepared the consent procedure for the personal information processing policy and terms of use.

2. The gathering and use of personal data1. The business may collect the minimal amount of personal information required to utilize the service when a user signs up for membership in order to access services including publishing articles, taking part in events, and utilizing site functionalities.2. Only the purposes that were previously revealed to the user will be utilized for the information provided to use the company's services.3. The business may directly or indirectly gather member's data, including cookies and access logs and account Information for marketing and advertising purposes when customers are using the service.

3. Disclosure of information to third partiesAnyhow, the corporation only uses or discloses user personal information within the parameters outlined in the section under "Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information."
When giving or sharing a user's personal information with a third party, the corporation must inform the user beforehand about the recipient, the reason for using the recipient's personal information, the personal information to be given, and the duration of storage and use of the recipient's personal information. Individuals may give their consent in person, in writing, over the phone, by e-mail, or through the internet. The instances listed below are an exception, though.
If the user gives prior consentWhen supplying information for statistical analysis, academic study, or market research in a format that does not allow for the identification of a specific personIn accordance with the rules of laws and regulations, or if the investigative agency requests it, in accordance with the steps and techniques outlined in laws for the purpose of conducting an inquiryShould it be essential to settle costs for the delivery of other services,
The corporation will make every effort not to disclose information against the intended intent of collection and usage.

4. Personal information retention and usage durationWhile a member is using the corporation's services, the corporation keeps their personal data on file.
In principle, when the intended purpose of collecting and using a member’s personal information is fulfilled, such information is promptly erased.
▶When the intent behind the collection and utilization is fulfilled
Registration details for members: When terminating the usage contract or leaving the membershipPayment details: When the bond's statute of limitations has run out or the payment has been madeDelivery details: after a test or event is overInformation on identification: after you establish your identity
For the purpose of preventing confusion in service use, preventing abuse and abuse of rights, and preparing for disputes related to the infringement of rights such as defamation and requests for cooperation in investigations, for the 60 days specified in the terms and conditions, even if the member terminates the service use contract or is expelled Your personal information is kept on file. In order to secure the member's personal information, the member's personal information is now maintained and handled independently.
The identity verification papers provided for verification will be destroyed right away if there is a disagreement, such as identity theft.
The following data is kept on file for the allotted time, albeit, for the reasons listed below.
Record of display/advertisement: 6 monthsReasons for Preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic CommerceRecords on withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions: 5 yearsReasons for Preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic CommerceRecords on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 yearsReasons for Preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic CommerceRecords on the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 yearsReasons for Preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic CommerceService visit records: 3 monthsReasons for Preservation: Communications Secrets Protection Act
In order to preserve personal information, the corporation designates users who have not signed into the service in a year as inactive users, and the user's personal information is maintained and handled separately. Member registration information is treated independently from other personal information and is managed in line with the terms and conditions, personal information processing policy, and applicable legislation. Even though we save and manage personal information, we never use or disclose personal information until it's necessary to offer the service again or when it's required by applicable laws and regulations. If a dormant member wishes to utilize the service again, they can do so at any time by logging in and confirming their identity.

5. Procedure and method of destruction of personal informationAfter the purpose behind the gathering and use of personal information is satisfied, the corporation, in general, immediately destroys the information.
The process and method for destruction are as follows.
Destruction procedureThe data that a member enters when registering for membership, for example, is kept for a while and then deleted in accordance with internal policy and other information protection requirements under applicable laws and regulations (refer to the period of retention and use) once the goal has been accomplished.Unless otherwise required by law, this personal information will not be used for any reason other than the one for which it is being stored.Destroying TechniquePaper with printed personal information is burned after being burned or shred using a shredder.An electronic file containing personal information is erased using a technological procedure that renders the record unrecoverable.

6. Rights and methods of exercise of users and legal representativesThe company's website allows users to access and edit their personal information whenever they like. In addition, users can request deletion of personal information from My Page (with login) or contact us by e-mail (
When registering, the legal representative inputs his personal information to seek permission from the legal representative before the corporation collects personal information from children under the age of 14.
The information gathered about the legal representation is solely used to validate permission and, if necessary, to authenticate the legal representative's identification. It is kept on file until the kid resigns from membership.
Users and their legal representatives have the right to seek at any time the access, rectification, and withdrawal of consent (withdrawal of membership) of registered minors.
Alternatively, if you send a written, telephone, or email to the person in charge of protecting personal information ([]), we will respond right away after doing the necessary identification verification.

7. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of devices that automatically collect personal information
What are cookies?It is a very little text file that is downloaded to the user's computer's hard drive from the server that manages the company's website.Cookies just identify the member's computer; they do not identify the specific member.Purpose of use of cookiesBy examining the access frequency, visit duration, and services utilized by members and non-members, it is used to identify users' preferences and areas of interest.By calculating the frequency of visits and the level of engagement in various activities, it serves as data for target marketing.In order to offer individualized service based on the foregoing, it serves as a material.the setting up, using, and rejecting of cookiesThe option to install cookies is available to users.By configuring their web browser, users may choose whether or not to accept cookies.It could be challenging for the business to offer services if you decline to install cookies.

8. Administrative and technical safeguards to safeguard personal dataThe following technological and administrative steps are taken by the corporation while managing members' personal data to assure stability and prevent data loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or damage.
Technical CountermeasuresPersonal information on the network may be securely communicated using a password scheme while registering and logging in thanks to Secure Socket Layer (SSL).It is hard to access your company's servers without being in the internal network due to access to unlawful IPs and ports.We are attempting to deploy the system in locations with external access control and to have as many different programs, technical, and management devices as is practical to assure additional security in order to avoid the loss of customer personal information as a result of external intrusion.The personal information manager maintains and oversees the access records to the personal information processing system, and they are routinely checked to avoid misuse, loss, forgery, falsification, and other wrongful acts with regard to personal information. We save the connection records securely to avoid fraud, tampering, theft, or loss.Administration of JusticeCreate an internal management plan for personal information that addresses how the organization that protects personal information is structured and run, such as the appointment of a personal information protection officer. Every year, assess how well the internal management plan is being carried out.
Individuals shouldn't share your password with anybody because it basically protects the personal information of members. Since the password is routinely encrypted, nobody can find out what each member's password is—not even the operator. Members should be careful not to reveal their passwords, especially while using a PC in a public setting or while sharing one with others. After using the service, we advise you to log out and shut all open web browsers.The company can keep the number of individuals with access to members' personal information to a minimum and sets up the required management and access processes to ensure compliance with this policy.Personal information handlers carefully transfer their responsibilities in an environment where security is upheld and accountability for personal information infringement occurrences after entering and leaving the firm is made explicit.

9. Officer in Charge of Personal Information Security The company has placed the following person in charge of personal information protection and relevant departments in order to safeguard users' personal information and manage complaints regarding personal information.
Personal Information Security Office

Name: Peter
Contact Phone: +82 2 6339 1331

If you need to report or consult on other personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.
Privacy Infringement Report Center / Phone: 118 / URL: https://privacy.kisa.or.krCyber Investigation Division, Supreme Prosecutors' Office / Phone: 1301 / URL: https://www.spo.go.krNational Police Agency Cyber Investigation Bureau / Phone: 182 / URL:
Users can contact the department in charge or the person in charge of personal information protection with any issues they may have regarding the protection of their personal information while using the company's services. Inquiries from users will receive a timely and sincere response from the business.